About the Artist


My glass is created locally in my Redondo Beach home studio. I have been fusing glass since I accidentally enrolled in a class through Palos Verdes Art Center in 2002, hoping to learn the art of lampworking, or glass bead making. (It was a fortunate accident, as later attempts at bead making on a torch have yet to produce a single usable bead.) 

In glass fusing, most work begins with flat sheets of glass, and a kiln is used to melt the pieces together. It requires some art, science and, often, the kiln gods assistance to bring a vision to life, as small differences in the temperatures reached, or the precise timing can produce very different result. After the initial fusing the piece is ready for “coldworking”, a term that encompasses various forms of grinding, drilling, and polishing. The coldworked pieces of fused glass are further processed by refiring to shape the piece, either by slumping or draping over a mold, and letting heat and gravity do the work. There is a small window of time and temperature that will that will make the difference between a bowl or plate and a a melty glob of glass in the bottom of your mold. 

A single glass object may be run through five or more cycles in the kiln to produce the desired final outcome. Each run through the kiln will last between 8 and twenty-four hours, to ensure that the piece is never thermal shocked and is annealed properly to strengthen the glass and produce a durable result.  

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

~Kathleen White